SEE IT: Woman opens fire at Detroit gas station after hiding gun in her underwear

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Where did she hide that?

A woman was caught on surveillance video pulling a gun out of her underwear and opening fire at a Detroit gas station early Sunday morning.

The young woman was with friends at the Mobil station when another car, a Pontiac Grand Prix, pulled up, according to Click on Detroit.

When the parties began exchanging words, the woman grabbed a gun from a Dodge Charger and hid it on her person as she approached the other vehicle.

Even as she was restrained by her friends, the woman pulled her gun from under her clothing and shot the driver of the other car several times.

As the Grand Prix moved forward, one of the men at the scene was struck by the vehicle.

Someone in the Grand Prix was able to grab the gun away from the woman, according to Click on Detroit. Those in the Grand Prix then drove off and took the wounded pal to the hospital. They returned to the scene to hand in the attacker's gun to the police, according to the station.

The surveillance video, part of the city's "Project Green Light Detroit" partnership with local gas stations, led cops to the woman.

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